Laboratory for Thermo-chemical Glow-Discharge Treatment Equipment and Technologies



  • Glow-discharge nitriding.
  • Ferritic glow-discharge carbonitriding.
  • Glow-discharge nitriding and oxidation.
  • Production of composite Ti(NCO) layers.
  • Design of equipment for the implementation of above-mentioned technologies.

Production technologies:

  • Production and implementation of glow-discharge heat treatment furnaces.
  • Implementation of above-mentioned technologies.
  • Production of products and steel grades for thermo-chemical glow-discharge treatment and provision of services.
  • Production of layers on products delivered for tests under industrial operating conditions.

Expertises and studies:

  • Thermo-chemical glow-discharge treatment technology.
  • Technical advice and consultations concerning the above-mentioned technology.


  • Services relating to the production of nitrided layers using glow discharge.
  • Implementation of technologies and equipment for production.
  • Production of equipment for thermo-chemical glow-discharge treatment.


Eng. Janusz Trojanowski
e-mail: lp.ud1670552092e.pmi1670552092@iksw1670552092onajo1670552092rt.zs1670552092unaj1670552092
tel.: (22) 56 02 751

Anna Drobek
e-mail: lp.ud1670552092e.pmi1670552092@kebo1670552092rd1670552092
tel.: (22) 56 02 713

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