Heat Treatment Centre (COC)

We are the first professional hardening shop in Poland designed to provide services and conduct tests that performs both large-scale and highly specialised activities using our own technologies, equipment and personnel (over 30 years of experience).

Services provided by the Heat Treatment Centre:

  • Quenching and tempering of high-speed steels, hot- and cold-work tool steels, stainless steels, structural steels for quenching and tempering and spring steels (atmosphere and vacuum treatment, high-pressure gas quenching, oil quenching, water quenching and air quenching).
  • Carburising and nitrocarburising with quenching and tempering (gas).
  • Nitriding, nitro-oxidation and oxy-nitriding (gas, fluidised bed and atmosphere).
  • Steam oxidation.
  • Normalisation, softening, stress relief and recrystallising annealing (vacuum, atmosphere).
  • Fluxless soldering (vacuum).
  • Precipitation hardening of metal alloys.
  • Cold and cryogenic treatment of metals and their alloys.

Upon request of the customer, we can add a quality certificate or report with the primary parameters and results of the process to the treated batch.

 Equipment of the Heat Treatment Centre:

  • Universal vacuum furnace with high-pressure gas quenching and an integrated cryogenic treatment system (working chamber dimensions: 600x600x900 mm).
  • Vacuum furnace with oil quenching (working chamber dimensions: 500x400x800 mm).
  • Atmosphere pit furnaces for austenitisation (max. length of treated items: 1500 mm).
  • CryoTemper industrial cryogenic tempering processor (temperature range from -190°C to +300°C, working chamber dimensions: 1118x508x558 mm).
  • Fluidised-bed furnaces and fluidised-bed bath furnaces.
  • Tempering furnaces.
  • Retort furnaces for thermo-chemical treatment.
  • Continuous furnace for heat treatment and thermo-chemical treatment of small items.
  • Oil baths.
  • Auxiliary equipment (endothermic generator, laboratory furnaces, gas analysers, quenchant testers, washers for batch degreasing, etc.).
  • Other.

Reports and studies:

  • Metallographic tests and strength tests of treated parts (specimens).
  • Selection of technologies, materials, processes and equipment for heat treatment of metallic products.
  • Selection, design and improvement of technologies for heat treatment of metallic products.
  • Assessment of technical designs and process designs of heat treatment departments.
  • Preparation of non-standard technologies and equipment for heat treatment.
  • Performing requested tests of experimental processes and equipment for heat treatment.
  • Qualification training and improvement training in advanced processes and operation of heat treatment equipment.


Please send any requests for quotation to:
Centrum Obróbki Cieplnej
e-mail: lp.ud1670551343e.pmi1670551343@coc1670551343
tel.: (22) 56 02 721

Shipment/delivery of parts to be treated:
Centrum Obróbki Cieplnej IMP
Duchnicka 3 bud. 15
01-796 Warsaw

(Monday – Friday, 7:00 – 15:00)

Manager of Heat Treatment Centre (COC)
M.Eng. Piotr Nawrocki
e-mail: lp.ud1670551343e.pmi1670551343@ikco1670551343rwan.1670551343rtoip1670551343
tel.: (22) 56 02 801

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