• SECO/Warwick 12.0vpt-4035/36hv vacuum furnace.
• CryoTemper cryogenic tempering processor.
• Elterma G-21-ET endothermic generator.
• Vacuum furnaces:
– RVFOQ-224, max. temp.: 1250°C, vacuum level up to 10-4 mbar;
– RVFOQ-424, max. temp.: 1250°C, vacuum level up to 10-2 mbar.
• Atmospheric furnaces:
– AKS-25 silicon carbide pit furnace, max. temp.: 1200°C;
– PEG-950 pit furnace, max. temp.: 950°C;
– pit furnaces: GOAT-950, max. temp.: 950°C; GOAT-1200, max. temp.: 1200°C.
• Fluidised-bed furnaces:
– fluidised-bed furnaces: FP700, max. temp.: 700°C; FP1000-4, max. temp.: 1000°C;
– fluidised-bed furnaces: FP700-1, max. temp.: 700°C.
• Furnaces for thermo-chemical glow-discharge treatment:
– furnaces for ion nitriding: PLASIMP 800/2000 and PLASIMP 800/1500;
– furnace for thermo-chemical DC and AC glow-discharge treatment.
• Tempering furnaces:
– Wild Barfield, max. temp.: 700°C; Wild Barfield, max. temp.: 600°C;
– GO-600, max. temp.: 600°C.
• Laboratory furnaces:
– GOAT-1200 atmospheric furnace, max. temp.: 1200°C;
– box-type furnace, max. temp.: 1200°C.
• Endothermic generators
– BIRLEC, capacity: 5.5 m3/hour;
– BIRLEC, capacity: 7 m3/hour.
• Other furnaces and equipment:
– BIRLEC continuous furnace, max. temp.: 900°C;
– FAR700-1 retort furnace for nitro-oxidation, max. temp.: 700°C;
– CryoTemper cryogenic tempering processor, temperature range from -190°C to +300°C.
• Auxiliary equipment:
– quenching tanks;
– VB-100-1 automatic ammonia monitor;
– ZrO2-Probe ZIROX SS27.1H-100 miniature oxygen probe;
– ERW-1 electronic humidity controller;
– GO-01A laboratory quenchant tester;
– OGJ-01 portable quenchant tester;
– Jominy end-quench apparatus;
– BTC VR18 recorder for the monitoring, recording and evaluation of process parameters;
– flow controllers;
– gas analysers;
– hydrodynamic washers for batch degreasing.