Heat Treatment Department

The Heat Treatment Department conducts scientific research and R&D activities, prepares reports and studies concerning heat treatment and heat and thermo-chemical treatment and designs and builds equipment and instruments required for such treatment as well as equipment and probes used for non-destructive eddy-current testing.

Current implementation and R&D activities are focused on the development of heat treatment and thermo-chemical treatment of alloys of iron and non-ferrous metals. The Department also conducts activities related to the application of the eddy-current method and development of equipment and probes and automatic testing systems.

For several years, the Department has been working on computer control of thermo-chemical treatment.

The Department comprises the following units:

  • Laboratory for Design of Heat Treatment Control Systems and Equipment;
  • Laboratory for Thermo-Chemical Glow-Discharge Treatment Equipment and Technologies;
  • Heat Treatment Centre (COC) – hardening shop that provides services and conducts tests.